Sturton Methodist Church and Hall

We have just received this about Sturton Street Methodist Church and Hall, and feel that it’s significant enough to share:

Hello, I have been involved with Sturton Street Church and Hall all of my life, in the early years as a member of the congregation, and for the past 28 years I have run my dance school at the premises. In addition, my father and I helped maintain the hall for many years until he became too frail. We heard a few weeks ago that the church are planning to close the buildings on August 30th and sell up. (This is very short notice, and there was no previous warning that this was about to happen.) As well as my dance classes there are also a range of other community groups who regularly meet and we will now all have to relocate or close, with the subsequent loss of these groups – dance, tango, toddler group, capoeira, etc – let alone the loss of the space of worship. We have set up an online petition – Sturton Street – and are meeting with others who wish to try and retain these vital community facilities in order to step up our campaign – possibly flyers etc…

The petition to keep this important part of our community is here:

We had a meeting last night with a few interested people and are hoping to do a bit of a burst of campaigning in the next couple of weeks, including a photo opportunity outside the premises on Saturday 31st May at 11.00am – we would like as many users of the facilities, people from the local community, and any interested parties to pop along if possible so that we can show how much this means to our community.

Announcing: our winner!!!

Ladies and gentlemen,

THANK you to those of you who took the time to vote. Yet again, it was an incredibly close-run race, with only 8 and 11 votes respectively separating the winner from the designs in second and third place. So if your favourite didn’t win, and you forgot to vote… your vote might have made the difference. Remember that next year, and do spread the word! EVERYONE can vote (though only one vote per person) 🙂
And meanwhile, a huge thank you to all those who submitted designs, and to those who voted, and congratulations to all those whose designs made it onto the shortlist.
Voting has now closed for this year…
And so, ladies and gentlemen, the moment for which you’ve been waiting…
Drumroll please…
YOUR choice for this year’s PACT Summer Event poster! Designed by Irene Wilkes, look out for the finalised version of this wonderful invitation soon, wherever PACT is publicising our forthcoming celebration!
 In second place was the delightful poster #11 by Anna Quigley, and in third place was the eye-catching poster #1 by Eddie Carrington. Congratulations to all three of you: we will be in touch separately to arrange your prizes etc. 🙂
And meanwhile to all of you: on Sunday 11th May we’re starting our weekly carnival costume workshops! Come along and join us from 2pm in the community room at the Blue Moon (formerly Man on the Moon)  on Norfolk St!

Final chance to vote!

It’s the final countdown, folks – I know 90 of you saw our last reminder on Facebook, and hundreds of you received our Chair’s email reminder, so if you haven’t already done so, please VOTE! Just ten votes currently separate the leading design from the next two… and yes, that means that there’s a tie for second place at the moment! So please send your votes to, or vote via our website, or send a message to us at Facebook – but whatever you do, VOTE! Every vote counts when it’s as as closely run as this!
Just to remind you: there are twelve shortlisted designs from which to choose. Please vote, share, and spread the word. Voting closes at midnight tonight!!!!