Sturton Street Methodist Church campaign

We’ve official launched our community share pledge campaign. We’re looking to raise £600,000 starting with a community share offer of withdrawable shares costing £250 each and offering 3% interest.The full details are on the website.

Can we do it? Would you pledge to support this amazing site as a social enterprise? And can you help us – we don’t need just money, we really need more people to get involved.

Help us find more ideas, too. It’s already clear that if we are able to acquire this site, there is a long term need to add a different kind of community provision, more personal spaces like art studios, music rehearsal space, space to make and learn.

Here’s the link to the press release.

Please consider a pledge and be a part of making Cambridge an even better place to live.


The council is working to improve their environmental care, and as part of that have 10 new recycling and general litter bins available this year for Petersfield, and 3 new dog bins. If you would like to propose a location for one of these bins, you can contact one of our city council ward councillors – we would be happy to make that happen if you like, feel free to email or contact us of you prefer. Our county councillor Ashley Walsh suggested a bin on Vera’s walk which seems like a very good idea.