Good Boundary News!

The local government boundary commission took our views into account – and the final Cambridgeshire County Council ward boundaries are completely unaltered from the city boundaries at the north end! Very good news. At the south end, Petersfield extends – all the wards grow -but we’re pleased that the St Matthew’s end hasn’t been cut into in order to make the required enlargement to Abbey.

The report states: “In response to our new draft recommendations for Petersfield division, we received over 40 submissions. The majority of respondents were local residents who objected to roads adjoining Abbey Walk, St Matthew’s Gardens and part of Sturton Street being included in Abbey division. All of the local residents proposed the above roads be transferred to Petersfield division. We are persuaded that the objections to our proposals for Petersfield division are supported by strong community evidence and we have decided to modify our recommendations. The boundary is moved to include roads adjoining Abbey Walk, St Matthews Gardens and part of Sturton Street in Petersfield division. We consider this change reflects the community identities of local residents in this part of Cambridge.”