Ridiculous new ward county ward boundaries

For some time now the Local Government Boundary Commission has been running a consultation on new boundary proposals in Cambridgeshire. We’ve kept quiet – all proposals seemed more or less OK, even a radical one to split Petersfield into St Paul’s and St Matthew’s areas. We felt there was nothing proposed which would do damage to local democracy or provision of services.

However, the final recommendations are a different matter. Apparently due to a last minute discovery of a mistake (see section 26 of the final report), the commission has recommended a new northern boundary for Petersfield, randomly wandering down to Norfolk Street. It’s basically ridiculous, slicing into the historic core of the St Matthew’s area to take out a chunk to make the numbers work.

We believe the plan to send these proposals to parliament is clearly wrong and a further round of consultation or withdrawal of these proposals is needed.

The LGCBE website publishes the email address for their chief executive, Jolyon Jackson jolyon.jackson@lgbce.org.uk, please do email him and the key contact Karen Cleverly at Karen.Cleverly@lgbce.org.uk . Feel free to cc Daniel Zeichner too – since the proposals face going to parliament next.

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