Are you concerned about:

  • speeding cars in your street?
  • traffic noise and pollution?
  • the safety of your children and pets?
  • congestion?
  • parking?

Do you remember when streets were:

  • child friendly?
  • meeting places for neighbours?
  • a pleasant environment to live in?

In the past, PACT has sponsored events where local residents came together and told us what they wanted. Afterwards a report was written and submitted to our local councils. It contained many proposals, including:

  • lower speed limits (10-20 mph)
  • street furniture
  • strategic planting of trees and shrubs
  • home zones
  • parking

Despite these proposals and widespread local concern, traffic remains a major issue in this area. In the next couple of years it threatens to become a hundred times worse, as politicians have approved the development of huge motels along Newmarket Road, with no provision whatsoever for the resulting exponential increase in traffic. Nor is other infrastructure planned. Concerned?

Come and get involved in PACT and be heard!