Older people

PACT is interested in hearing from older people – over 50’s who live in Petersfield, about services that people receive and need. Contact Philly Owles (on 312689 or via email).

1st October is the International Day of the Older Person. Cambridgeshire Celebrates Age organise a month of activities throughout the County. A PACT member is on the Steering Group which meets during the year to plan the next October. After a number of years this has become so popular, that the City has a Hub committee, helped by the Steering Group. Petersfield has been putting on lots of events for a number of years. PACT tries to put on an event too. We will try to coordinate the events so there is variety and to prevent clashes of dates. Petersfield has much to offer and we will continue to liaise with our neighbours to maintain and build our diverse community.

Cambridgeshire Older Person’s Reference Group is a group who represent the needs and views of the older person. This committee is supported by the County Council and a PACT member is on this committee. We are independent and are there to look into any aspects that may be of interest or concern to the older person.

Individuals over 50 are invited to join an organisation called COPE (Cambridge Older People Enterprise). This group also tackle issues of interest to older people, taking appropriate action. To contact COPE, phone Rhona Boorman (364303).