Community Response

We will try and share relevant local information about the Covid-19 response in Petersfield and the surrounding areas on this page. Please find below links and information on how the local community is coming together to deal with the ongoing pandemic, what you can do to help and where you can go if you or your household need assistance.

There has been a fantastic coordinated local response through the Petersfield wide mutual aid whatsapp group run by Meg and Piete (part of a larger Cambridge wide community response). This group has facilitated sub-groups for streets or groups of smaller streets within the Petersfield ward. These mutual aid groups don’t, “just mean “helping” or “volunteering” – it means a specific way of offering help where there is no difference between those helping and those being helped. Exchange of help is reciprocal, and based on trust rather than formal vetting processes or means testing.” according to the group’s welcome document.

To get in contact with the coordinators of the Petersfield group you can email and they will be able to put you in touch with your local street co-coordinators. There is now also a website available: with further links including to specific whatsapp groups.

Romsey Mill has been named as the official co-coordinating organisation for responding to requests for support in the Petersfield ward.

” Romsey Mill’s role is not to replace or supersede the excellent work that is already being organised locally, but having a fully constituted charity with the necessary governance and safeguards in place provides the infrastructure and means of managing and disposing of finances that is required to enable the community to focus on responding to locally identified needs swiftly and effectively. “

Romsey Mill’s contact details for the COVID19 Response in Petersfield: 


Telephone number: 07933 671101 (during office hours)

For further information please visit:

Government Response

Official government advice is changing in line with the evolving situation so please do check the links below regularly.

More guidance and information from the government can be found here. Specific guidance on staying at home can be found here.

The City Council is regularly updating its website with information such on issues such as bin collections and local restrictions and closures. You can find more information here. They also have a webpage dedicated to how you can help here.

We have been enjoying spotting all the messages of support, solidarity and encouragement displayed in so many residents windows and are trying tog et as many pictures as we can to share with you. If you would like to share your art with us please email it to

Stay safe.