PACT is a Registered Charity founded in 1997 with the aims of supprting the community in this area, and establishing a new community centre in Petersfield.

We have worked in areas such as planning, public open space, older people, youth and community facilities, vandalism and transport. We have worked in partnership to develop “Petersfield Celebrates Age” as part of the widest annual programme of events designed to tackle ageism and social isolation in the County. Many of the current trustees worked on the campaign to buy the Sturton Street Methodist Chapel and we hope to use that knowledge and experience, working with others, to finally meet PACT’s second charitable aim in a new community centre on the Mill Road Depot site.

For a list of current Board members, please see the Who’s who page.

In 2007, PACT became a Registered Charity, #1118762,

PACT is supported by Cambridge City Council Community Development Department.