Gwydir Street

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Gwydir Street (rhymes with ‘wider’) is a part residential, part business street in north Petersfield, Cambridge. As well as being the site for both of the city council’s business centres – Dale’s Brewery is just off Mill Road and the Gwydir Enterprise Centre is at the other end – the street is home to the popular annual Gwydir Street Party.

The Gwydir Street website has a wealth of information about the street, past and present.

Getting there:

You can get to Gwydir Street from Petersfield’s main street, Mill Road, and from the other main shopping street, Norfolk Street. It also connects to Sturton Street via Milford Street, and Kingston Street via Hooper Street.

Places of interest:

Tiger painted on a door on Gwydir Street

Tiger painted on a door on Gwydir Street

The Mill Road Cemetery can be accessed by an alleyway to the side of the Cambridge Blue pub.

The former Bath House. It was founded as a bath house in 1927, and became a community centre in 1982 after a campaign by the St. Matthew’s Neighbourhood Association. The building is now occupied by Lifecraft, a user-led charitable organisation for adults with mental health problems.

The annual Gwydir Street Party is held on the street in June, this year the 29th. You can follow them on Twitter.

Traffic barriers are half-way down the street, where Milford Street joins Gwydir Street.

Gwydir Street car park, with 38 spaces and two disabled bays.

Old tape shop on Gwydir Street at the top of Norfolk Street

The derelict tape shop (Roll on Blank Tapes aka Top Tapes) at 1a Gwydir Street is the stuff of local legend. Once a Post Office in the 1980s, local rumour says the tape-selling business run by Ian was a front. Whatever the truth, it closed around the turn of the Millennium and has been empty since – 34.6 m² going to waste. You can browse the website from December 1999 on the Internet Archive.

Shops and businesses:

The Alexandra Arms, pub. Built in 1870, it is now (with the Cambridge Blue) the last remaining of 5 pubs on the street. Since 2012 it has been run by Craig and Jenna who also run the Free Press. Twitter.

The Cambridge Blue pub, Gwydir Street The Cambridge Blue, pub. Formerly the Dewdrop Inn, run by Terri and Jethro Littlechild. WebsiteFacebook, Twitter.

Glittering Prizes Reading Group. Website.

Cambridge Classics Wooden Double Glazed Sash Windows. Website, Facebook, Twitter.

Dale’s Brewery. Founded as a brewery by Fred Dale in 1900, briefly owned by Whitbreads 1955-8, sold to the City Council in 1966.

Gwydir Enterprise Centre, 23-25 Gwydir Street

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