PACT supports communities in the Petersfield area of Cambridge. For some people and organisations associated with Petersfield and Cambridge communities, see our Facebook likes and our Twitter follows.

In north Petersfield, PACT’s focus, some items of interest are:

Shopping: Mill Road, Norfolk Street, Beehive Centre
Education: Anglia Ruskin University, St. Matthew’s Primary School
Open space: Mill Road Cemetery, St. Matthew’s Piece, Petersfield, St. Matthew’s Gardens green
Services and businesses: Both the city council’s business centres are off Gwydir Street: Dale’s Brewery and the Gwydir Enterprise Centre. Also Cherry Trees, Cambridge City Depot off Mill Road, CityLife Building, Cambridge Women’s Resources Centre, The Courtyard off Sturton Street, and the Norfolk Street Enterprise Centre

In south Petersfield (covered by GTARA), some items of interest are:
Shopping: Mill Road, Hills Road
Education: Hughes Hall Cambridge, St. Collete’s Preparatory School, Cambridge Centre for Sixth Form Studies
Open space: Donkey Common, Fenner’s Cricket Ground, Ravensworth Gardens play area
Services and businesses: Parkside Pools, Kelsey Kerridge, University Tennis Club, Travis Perkins, Cambridge railway station, Microsoft Research

The roads in Petersfield are alphabetically:

Abbey Walk
Ainsworth Street
Angus Close
Barnabas Road
Beehive Centre
Bharat Way
Blossom Street
Bradmore Court
Bradmore Lane
Bradmore Street
Broad Street
Bury Court
Cambridge Place
Caroline Place
Carter Bridge
Coldham’s Lane
Collier Road
Covent Garden
Cross Street
Devonshire Mews
Devonshire Road
Ditchburn Place
East Road
Edward Street
Emery Road
Emery Street
Fairsford Place
Felton Street
Flower Street
Geldart Street
George Pateman Court
Glisson Road
Gonville Place
Gresham Road
Guest Road
Gwydir Street
Hills Road
Hooper Street
Ivy Court
Kingston Street
Lyndewode Road
Mackenzie Road
Mawson Road
Milford Street
Mill Road
Mill Road Cemetery
Mill Street
Mortimer Road
New Street
Norfolk Street
Norfolk Terrace
Perowne Street
Petworth Street
Queen Anne Terrace
Ravensworth Gardens
Rivar Place
Rope Walk
Sleaford Street
St Matthew’s Gardens
St. Barnabas Court
St. Matthew’s Street
St. Paul’s Place
Staffordshire Street
Station Mews
Station Road
Stone Street
Stone Terrace
Sturton Street
Tenison Avenue
Tenison Court
Tenison Road
Vera’s Way
Vicarage Terrace
Wilkin Street
Willis Road
Wollaston Road
York Street
York Terrace
Young Street